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Trent McDonald


Dr. Trent McDonald is a senior biometrician who specializes in application of capture-recapture analyses, habitat selection analyses, linear models, before-after-control-impact studies, computer intensive statistical models, finite population surveys, and R programming. In applications, he has detected bowhead whale displacement around anthropogenic sound sources, modeled population growth and demographic parameters of northern spotted owls and polar bears, analyzed numerous aerial surveys for things like eastern grey whales and sargassum, and modeled habitat needs of moose, grizzly bears, polar bears, and bighorn sheep. His endangered species experience includes projects involving northern spotted owls, bowhead whales, eastern grey whales, polar bears, grizzly bears, tailed frogs, hell-benders, Kemp’s ridley turtles, and many others.

Dr. McDonald has published over 85 papers on a wide range of statistical and biological topics. He has co-edited a book on capture-recapture methods, another on resource selection, and contributed chapters to four edited volumes. Sampling, capture-recapture, line-transect, resource selection, and computer intensive methods are a key component of all of his work.

Dr. McDonald has developed and maintains three R packages; one for capture-recapture analysis (‘mra’), one for distance based analyses (‘Rdistance’), and one for spatially balanced sampling (‘SDraw’). He has contributed to a number of other R packages.

Dr. McDonald has taught over two dozen workshops on topics ranging from R programming, random effects modeling, trend estimation, capture-recapture, resource selection, sampling, and computer intensive statistics.