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Travis Brown

Research Biologist

Travis Brown is a research biologist at WEST. He has over 14 years of experience as a wildlife technician, researcher, and biologist. Travis received a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from Murray State University and spent most of his undergraduate career studying small mammals and parasite ecology. Travis’ M.S. is also from Murray, and his thesis work centered around the effect of stream channelization and restoration on riparian communities of plants and mammals. He has received formal training and/or certification in freshwater mussel sampling and identification, analysis of bat call data, and wetland delineation.

Travis is experienced in a wide range of environmental consultation issues, including compliance with the Endangered Species Act, the Clean Water Act, and numerous state environmental laws. He has worked in areas ranging from Montana to Connecticut and south to North Carolina, but his experience is centered in the Midwest and Southeast. He has managed large-scale bat surveys related to pipelines, wind developments, and military bases, as well as multidisciplinary pre-construction wildlife surveys for wind energy developments.

Travis is permitted to survey for over 50 federally-listed species, including four eastern bats, twelve fish species, and most mussel species found in the upper Mississippi and Ohio River drainages. He has experience conducting and managing surveys for Indiana, gray, northern long-eared, and Virginia big-eared bats. In addition, he has conducted many surveys for federally-listed mussel species, such as snuffbox, sheepnose, fluted kidneyshell, clubshell, fanshell, Cumberland elktoe, Cumberlandian combshell, oyster mussel, northern riffleshell, ring pink, little-wing pearlymussel, fat pocketbook, Cumberland bean, and rabbitsfoot mussels. Travis has conducted surveys and habitat assessments for rare plants, including running buffalo clover, Kentucky gladecress, Price’s potato bean, and Short’s bladderpod. In addition, he has worked on a diverse array of other projects, including red-cockaded woodpecker habitat assessments, black-footed ferret surveys, chronic wasting disease data collection, stream macroinvertebrate data collection/analysis, fish inventories, fish community analyses, stream habitat assessments, stream/wetland restoration projects, a dragonfly/butterfly inventory, and several herpetofaunal inventories. Additionally, Travis has co-authored two multi-taxa field guides (Pocketguide to Eastern Streams and Pocketguide to Eastern Wetlands).