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Tory Poulton


Victoria Poulton has nearly 20 years of private and academic experience in research and monitoring. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology from Humboldt State University in 1997, and her Master’s of Science degree in Zoology and Physiology with a minor in Statistics from the University of Wyoming in 2001.

As a Project Manager and Research Biologist at WEST, Victoria has prepared proposals and budgets, trained staff, conducted field work, and written and edited reports for pre- and post-construction wildlife studies at multiple wind-energy facilities. Her goals are to design scientifically defensible studies, hire and train technicians, and coordinate with clients to ensure that wildlife, vegetation, and sensitive species resource surveys and review are completed on time, in budget, and to meet the needs of clients and resource agencies. She has participated in field surveys for commercial wind projects and along natural gas pipelines, delineated wetlands and monitored wetland mitigation sites, performed site-screening surveys for wind power, coal-bed methane drilling, and Wyoming Department of Transportation projects, prepared or assisted with preparation of NEPA documents, and conducted terrestrial, aerial, wetland, and aquatic wildlife surveys. Her field experience includes extensive aerial surveys for golden eagles, raptor nests, and lesser prairie chicken leks. Prior to joining WEST, Victoria had seven years of experience researching the ecology of coastal and estuarine systems, with an emphasis on benthic ecology, including oysters and other bivalves, physiological ecology of diving ducks, and ecology of seagrasses. She has attended training for wetlands delineations, and completed the certification course for Lesser Prairie Chicken Range-Wide Plan Habitat Evaluations.