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Todd Mabee

Senior Ecologist

Todd Mabee is a senior ecologist and the International Practice Group lead at WEST with 30 years of experience as a terrestrial ecologist conducting field studies for a variety of industry sectors, including renewable energy, oil and gas, and timber in the U.S. and Mexico. His experience with a diverse suite of taxa, including breeding and overwintering studies on waterfowl, shorebirds, and landbirds in the arctic, Western U.S., and Mexico; endangered seabird surveys in the Pacific Northwest; aerial surveys for waterfowl, shorebirds, and caribou; telemetry studies for shorebirds; sea otter surveys in Alaska; small mammal tracking and trapping in the U.S. and Australia; amphibian surveys in Alaska and the Pacific Northwest; venomous snake studies in Guam; and marine radar surveys of bird migration in Alaska, Hawaii, and throughout the U.S. During his long career in renewable energy consulting, he has been involved with wind energy and wildlife issues for nearly 20 years and has worked extensively on avian and bat issues at renewable energy projects in the U.S. and Mexico. His work has focused on strategic planning, client and agency interactions, study design and analysis, project management, quality control, technical writing for management documents, such as Eagle Conservation Plans and Bird and Bat Conservation Strategies for wind and solar energy projects, and due diligence reviews of renewable energy projects.

Todd previously worked for DNV GL as a senior scientist and for ABR Inc. — Environmental Research & Service as a senior scientist and research coordinator. Prior to joining WEST, he completed more than 160 avian, bat, and radar studies and was a principal investigator on more than 125 studies in 16 U.S. states. In this role he supervised multiple project managers, wrote technical documents, provided quality control/assurance for all proposals and reports, and mentored junior staff. He is a strong technical writer and has published 17 peer-reviewed publications on a diverse suite of topics, including the use of radar to study nocturnal bird migration in the U.S. and Mexico, shorebird ecology, amphibian ecology, and tracking small mammals.

Todd received a M.S. in Zoology from Colorado State University and a B.A. in Population and Organismic Biology from the University of Colorado. He has served on the board of the Oregon Chapter of The Wildlife Society and has volunteered for several years conducting greater sage-grouse surveys in Oregon.