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Photo of Tim

Tim Sichmeller

Bat Biologist

Tim Sichmeller joined WEST in 2010 as a bat biologist. Tim received his M.S. from Ball State University in 2010, where he studied the physiology and ecology of three sympatric Myotis bats, including the endangered Indiana bat and proposed for listing northern long-eared bat. In 2005 Tim received his B.S. in Zoology from Colorado State University.

Tim spearheads WEST’s Indiana bat and northern long-eared bat mist-net surveys within their respective ranges. Tim has worked on pre-construction wind projects, pipeline presence/absence surveys and bat habitat assessments, as well as with the timber industry on presence/absence surveys and radio-telemetry surveys. Tim worked directly in the Northern Great Lakes region in 2014, supervising acoustic, mist-net, and telemetry crews surveying for northern long-eared bats. In addition, Tim is involved in Anabat deployment, quality control and call analysis, and reviewing and writing reports for bat surveys. Tim has been an invited speaker at different workshops and conferences; discussing bat biology and ecology, presentation of data to assist with management decisions, and instructing forest managers on bat habitat. These conferences have included The Midwest Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, Bat-Friendly Forestry Workshop, as well as leading a field tour for forest managers in Minnesota.