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Photo of Sofia

Sofia Agudelo

Wildlife Biologist

Sofia Agudelo joined WEST in 2014 as a wildlife biologist. She is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Sciences at Texas A&M University. Sofia received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia) and a Master of Science degree in Wildlife Sciences from New Mexico State University. Her current Ph.D research focuses on ecosystem dynamics to identify the role of native and exotic ungulates on disease transmission to domestic cattle, which involves wildlife management and animal ecology with a landscape ecology component by combining theory and application with management strategies, through the use of conceptual and spatially explicit simulation models. Sofia’s previous graduate research explored the effects of fragmentation and desertification on the avian population dynamics in the arid grasslands of the Northern Chihuahuan Desert.

Sofia’s work at WEST has involved applying ecological concepts and appropriate management principles on several projects related to habitat evaluation, risk assessment, and wildlife monitoring. Her work and training in wildlife ecology have a strong management component, which includes human-animal interactions and the study of anthropogenic effects on wildlife and landscapes. She has participated in several projects on varied ecosystems across Latin America and the U.S. She also has experience working with migratory, endangered, and threatened bird species, exotic and introduced mammal species, managing large monitoring projects while working for U.S. government agencies, and engaging local communities in action plans and management initiatives.