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Photo of Sandie

Sandie Simon

Wildlife Biologist

Sandie Simon has been a biologist with WEST since 2009. Sandie received her B.S. degree from St. Cloud State University in Ecology and Field Biology. Her main duties with WEST include conducting wetland delineations, site assessments, habitat mapping, and supervising and completing research studies of wildlife, emphasizing studies at wind energy facilities.

Prior to joining WEST, Sandie worked as a wildlife biologist for R.L.Weigt Environmental Consultants, E Sciences, Inc., and Ibis Environmental, Inc. in south Florida. Sandie has helped develop restoration plans for potential mitigation bank sites, including monitoring and management plans to enhance and preserve wildlife species and habitats, and conducted research studies of flora and fauna analyzing the performance of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plans (CERP) modifications and manipulations within the south Florida ecosystem. Additionally, Sandie worked as an avian biologist at the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary in Florida coordinating rehabilitation efforts of residential and migratory avifauna. She has also worked as a wildlife biologist with the Crane Meadows/Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge Complex in Minnesota conducting research, prairies restoration efforts, and surveying various fauna and flora. Sandi has also worked with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources conducting prairie management/restoration activities in effort to facilitate breeding and nesting sites for grassland avifauna.