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Photo of Quintana

Quintana Hayden

Wildlife Biologist

Quintana Hayden joined WEST as a research biologist in 2013. She received her B.A. in Biology from Colorado College in 2009 and also completed a semester in the School for Field Studies’ Wildlife Ecology and Management program in Kenya in 2007. She began her career in 2006 characterizing the microhabitats of seedlings in a forested swamp in New York. Quintana moved on to surveying noxious weed populations as part of a biocontrol study along Colorado’s Front Range before joining a flammulated owl research team in Colorado. As a member of the flammulated owl research team, she contributed to a long-term demographic study investigating the life history and habitat requirements of the species.

Prior to joining WEST, Quintana worked as a wildlife biologist at Stantec Consulting, Inc., where her work focused mainly on wildlife studies and environmental assessments associated with the permitting process for wind energy projects. At WEST, Quintana is a member of the endangered species compliance team and manages and contributes to the development of several ongoing Habitat Conservation Plans (HCPs) and HCP amendments. Quintana has also managed several landscape-scale modeling efforts to represent areas of higher suitability for siting of wind energy projects based on the likelihood of occurrence of sensitive species. She has worked on and managed pre- and post-construction bird and bat studies for many wind energy projects and authored numerous Bird and Bat Conservation Strategies and Avian and Bat Protection Plans. Her experience includes Section 7 and 10 Endangered Species Act and National Environmental Policy Act compliance document preparation, including HCPs, Environmental Assessments/Environmental Impact Statements, and Biological Assessments. Outside of the wind industry, Quintana has worked on transmission, solar, mining, oil and gas remediation and spill response, and government agency projects.