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Photo of Pallavi

Pallavi Sirajuddin

Field Coordinator/Biologist

Pallavi Sirajuddin joined WEST in 2019 as a Biologist / Field Coordinator in the Lemoyne, Pennsylvania office. Prior to working with bats, Pallavi worked on a long-term monitoring project in Belize to collect data on Jaguars and other carnivores using remote camera traps. After she graduated with her Bachelors of Science degree at Virginia Tech University in 2013, she continued to work in Belize and assisted on a camera trap project in Botswana as well. Pallavi began working with bats in 2014 with the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. She went on to work on numerous bat related projects with the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, University of Georgia, and University of Brunei-Darussalam, in the Borneo forest. She graduated with her Masters of Science degree at Clemson University, in December of 2018. Her graduate research focused on the torpor patterns of tri-colored bats and their vulnerability to white-nose syndrome in the southeastern United States. Pallavi has experience safely capturing and handling bats, radio telemetry, and affixing transmitters on bats from her previous field experiences and graduate school. She is able to statically analyze transmitter data in R studio and has some experience manually identifying bat echolocation calls in AnalookW.

At WEST, Pallavi will be working on a variety of bat and avian surveys, including pre and post-construction data collection. She will also be supervising field crews, managing data, and writing reports.

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