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Melissa Wolfe


Melissa Wolfe is a versatile biologist, able to accomplish quality in-field studies and communicate meaningful biological results. After joining the WEST team full-time in 2011 Ms. Wolfe has worked on several wind energy wildlife studies from baseline proposal to post-construction. She has successfully completed tasks ranging from coordinating and conducting field work to data management and writing reports (wind, solar, and other) with some project management tasks. Ms. Wolfe has also written more complex conservation-focused documents including published papers, eagle conservation plans, HCP sections and literature reviews, where she uses both her own in-depth field experience and relevant scientific literature to inform her approach. Ms. Wolfe has over 15 years of in-situ bird research experience covering many taxa such as raptors, passerines, cranes, and grouse, as well as sensitive species like piping plovers, black-capped vireos, and lesser prairie chickens. She has worked in locations spanning Alaska to the Caribbean with multiple sessions in the Great Plains, Midwest, and Intermountain West. Ms. Wolfe’s experience is further diversified with plant studies for pipelines and wetland delineations, with an emphasis on tallgrass prairie species. Ms. Wolfe received her bachelor’s degree in biology from Luther College. She earned her master’s degree in zoology from Southern Illinois University, discerning the variables associated with songbird nest predation in fragmented forest habitats.

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