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Libby Baumgartner


Elizabeth (Libby) received her B.S. in Wildlife Biology in 2007 and Project Management Certificate in 2014 from Colorado State University. Libby has been a biologist with WEST since March 2008, beginning as a field technician and advancing into project management. Libby currently coordinates a multi-year research effort across 19 wind energy facilities in a post-construction monitoring program that includes two distinct study designs and several treatments. To support this research, she manages four large field crews that, combined, include more than 40 technicians, crew leaders, and field supervisors. Libby is involved in scope management, staffing, scheduling, budgeting, quality control, deliverable management, and project integration management for the research effort at these 19 facilities.

Throughout her time with WEST, Libby has conducted field surveys, supervised field crews, managed large-scale projects, and developed deliverable documents that report and interpret results of field research. Through her expertise in the federal and state regulatory framework, Libby has prepared numerous adaptive management and regulatory compliance documents, including Environmental Assessments, Bird and Bat Conservation Strategies, and Eagle Conservation Plans.