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Photo of Lacey

Lacey Jeroue


Lacey’s experience spans both ecological and analytical avenues. She has participated in a variety of ecological studies in forestry, restoration ecology, avian and bat mortality, macroinvertebrate abundance, and salmonid spawning-ground use. She earned a B.S. from the University of Washington in Natural Resource Management and a M.S. from Oregon State University in Sustainable Forest Management with a minor in Statistics. Her thesis involved parameterizing multiple non-linear hierarchical models for predicting urban tree attributes from USDA Forest Service Forest Inventory and Analysis pilot data.

Lacey joined WEST as a biometrician at the Laramie, Wyoming office in 2015. She has been involved recently with the design and analysis for utility-scale solar facility post construction, avian and bat monitoring. Lacey also works on avian and bat analyses for a variety of wind facilities.