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Photo of Kurt

Kurt Flaig

Plant Ecologist

Kurt is a plant ecologist, working with WEST since 2004. He received both his Bachelor of Science in Natural Resource Management and his Master of Science in Rangeland Ecology with an emphasis on Plant and Soil Ecology from Colorado State University. Kurt has extensive experience in vegetation monitoring, classification, and mapping; conducting rare plant surveys and analyses; and performing wetland delineations. This experience has allowed him to conduct surveys in a variety of locations throughout the western U.S., Alaska, and Hawaii. Consequently, Kurt has a working knowledge of a diversity of plant communities and ecosystems.

In addition to fieldwork, he has received training on the technical writing of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) documents. Kurt has written biological sections of NEPA and CEQA documents and Habitat Conservation Plans and prepared a variety of reports that include those for wetland delineations, rare plant assessments and surveys, noxious weed surveys, mitigation and monitoring plans, and riparian surveys. Since joining WEST, Kurt has been working primarily on projects involving energy development and transportation (e.g., linear gas pipeline, wind power, Wyoming Department of Transportation). Kurt is an active member of the California Native Plant Society, Colorado Native Plant Society, Wyoming Native Plant Society, and the Society of Wetland Scientists.