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Photo of Kristina

Kristina Hammond-Rendon


Kristina Hammond-Rendon is a biologist in WEST’s Cheyenne, Wyoming corporate office. During the summer, Kristina leads field crews for Indiana bat and northern long-eared bat mist-netting and acoustic surveys throughout their range. During the winter, she is responsible for managing the inventory of acoustic detectors, acoustic analysis, data management and quality control, and report writing.

Kristina joined us after obtaining her Master of Science from Indiana State University. For her M.S., Kristina modeled landscape-scale Indiana bat roosting habitat in the southern Appalachians and has published a paper on the findings of that research. She also studied the thermoregulation patterns of Indiana bats in their maternity colonies and how environmental conditions influence thermoregulation strategies using remote data loggers. Kristina has been working with bats since 2009 throughout the eastern half of the U.S. Before taking an interest in bats, she worked with a variety of other species, including sea turtles in Georgia, blood analyses of Polar bears in Alaska, and assisted in river otter surveys in the Rockies.

Kristina enjoys outreach and was a hunter education instructor for Vermont Conservation Camps for several years. Kristina is a member of several professional working groups, including The Wildlife Society, and bat groups, such as the Southern Bat Diversity Network, working to keep up on the latest research and regulations.