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Photo of Kristen

Kristen Chodachek

Wildlife Biologist

Kristen Chodachek joined WEST as a project manager/wildlife biologist in 2008. She received her B.S. in Zoology from the University of Manitoba, Canada and her M.S. in Wildlife from Louisiana State University. Kristen’s experiences include working with and managing waterfowl and raptors and conducting aerial surveys from a fixed-wing aircraft for big game and birds. Her experiences in avian ecology include trapping, monitoring, radio-telemetry (aerial and foot), and nuisance wildlife management in Louisiana, Manitoba, North Dakota, and Wyoming. Kristen’s current work with WEST includes managing pre- and post-construction environmental studies at wind energy developments throughout the Midwest, including initial site evaluations, avian use surveys, bat acoustic surveys, ground and aerial raptor nest surveys, land cover/habitat mapping, threatened and endangered species surveys, and avian and bat fatality monitoring. As a project manager, Kristen is responsible for budget preparation, client correspondence, training field technicians, designing and implementing wildlife studies, and report preparation and review.