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Kevin Murray

Research Biologist

Kevin has worked as a project manager and consulting ecologist for WEST since 2010 in the Bloomington, Indiana office. He has been researching bats since 1998 and has a M.S. degree on the acoustic identification of bats in the eastern U.S. (Missouri State University; 2001) and a Ph.D. on the molecular ecology of Caribbean bats (University of Miami; 2008). Over the course of his career, Kevin has conducted research on a variety of aspects of bat biology, including echolocation, roosting ecology, and mating systems in the U.S., Caribbean, and Central America and has 19 peer-reviewed publications resulting from this research. Kevin has extensive research experience with bats in the Midwest, including the capture, handling, and identification of eastern Myotis species, such as Indiana bats, northern long-eared bats, eastern small-footed bats, gray bats, and little brown bats. He currently holds multiple state and federal research permits to capture, handle, and identify endangered Indiana bats, gray bats, and big-eared bats. Kevin has served as project manager for more than 40 projects across the eastern U.S. Those bat projects include numerous research projects, mist-net surveys, acoustic surveys, and habitat assessments. Kevin is considered to be a qualitative analysis expert in identification of bat echolocation calls by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He has been identifying the echolocation calls of bats in the eastern U.S. for 18 years, conducted several workshops, and published several papers on the acoustic identification of bats.