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Photo of Kenton

Kenton Taylor

Wildlife Biologist

Kenton Taylor is a project manager and wildlife biologist for WEST. Kenton received a B.S. in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Wyoming in 2001 and an M.S. in Zoology and Physiology, with a minor in Statistics from the University of Wyoming in 2004. Kenton’s graduate studies were focused around waterfowl production on created wetlands in N.E. Wyoming. Kenton has been with WEST since 2004.

He has formal training/ and or certification in wetland delineation and various species specific surveys. Kenton has experience working on a variety of biological surveys related to wind power projects, pipelines, and highway/pathway construction. In addition, Kenton has been extensively involved in the development of Avian and Bat Protection Plans and Eagle Conservation Plans related to wind energy developments across the U.S.

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