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Kelsey Baird

Field Coordinator/Biologist

Kelsey is a field coordinator with WEST in Houston, Texas. Kelsey received a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Environmental Science and Biology from the University of Stirling in Central Scotland. During her time at Stirling, she had the opportunity to participate in collecting data for a long-term study monitoring wintering activity of bats in Central Scotland. Following graduation, Kelsey moved to Maryland, where she was accepted into a M.S. program as a candidate for the degree of Applied Ecology and Conservation Biology with the Department of Biology and Natural Resources at Frostburg State University.

During her academic career, Kelsey developed a keen interest in the human dimensions of wildlife, specifically pertaining to cases of human-wildlife conflict concerning piscivorous predators, such as eurasian otters, Great cormorants, sawbill ducks, grey herons, and osprey. Her field research as a graduate student focused on identifying recreational angler attitudes towards these piscivores in Scotland, the first formal assessment of its kind. Kelsey was accepted as a full member of the IUCN/SCC Otter Specialist Group as a result of her contribution towards otter conservation.