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Photo of Katherine

Katherine Moratz


Katherine has worked for WEST in Bismarck, North Dakota, since 2016 starting as a field technician and recently became a biologist/field coordinator. Before working for WEST, Katherine received her B.S. in Wildlife Ecology, Research and Management from the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point in 2013. As an undergraduate, Katherine had numerous research opportunities through the UWSP student chapter of The Wildlife Society. Katherine completed her M.S. in Wildlife Science from South Dakota State University in 2016.

Her work with SDSU involved evaluating white-tailed deer responses to oil and gas development in western North Dakota and northwestern South Dakota. Katherine estimated survival of females and fawns and conducted necropsies to determine cause-specific mortality. Her work also assessed adult female white-tailed deer health by comparing blood parameters and pathogen exposure across study areas. Katherine also gained skills in aerial and ground telemetry and vegetation monitoring from her field work. Katherine has additional work experience with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Montana and North Dakota conducting bird and vegetation surveys.