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Photo of Jonathan

Jonathan Stein

Field Coordinator

Jonathan Stein joined WEST in 2016, first as a field technician in the Texas-Oklahoma region and now as a field coordinator in WEST’s Pennsylvania office. Responsible for directing field studies and maintaining data quality assurance, Jonathan has considerable experience working on a range of pre- and post-construction monitoring projects designed to determine wind-wildlife interactions. He has performed numerous pre-construction surveys for raptors, eagles, songbirds, and sensitive species, assisted with bat acoustic monitoring surveys, and conducted a variety of post-construction monitoring surveys.

Prior to joining WEST, Jonathan directed a survey of migrant waterfowl along Lake Michigan, contributed to studies assessing breeding birds in Delaware and New Hampshire, monitored endangered Kirtland’s warblers nesting in Wisconsin, aided a study of breeding Prothonotary warblers in Illinois, and monitored nesting raptors in Yellowstone National Park. As an avid hawk watcher, he has led a group of observers documenting the raptor migration along Lake Eerie and participated in standardized surveys of migrant raptors at sites on the East and West Coast. Before turning his attention skyward, Jonathan received a B.A. in American Studies from Goucher College and worked as a journalist in the Washington metropolitan area.