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Photo of John

John Guarnaccia

Research Biologist

John Guarnaccia joined WEST in October 2016 as a research biologist and will be focused on Habitat Conservation Plans and other renewable energy projects. John was previously with Curry & Kerlinger, where he specialized in analyzing and mitigating avian and bat risk at wind energy projects and collaborating on studies at nearly 150 sites (including three offshore) in 29 states, plus Mexico and Puerto Rico. John’s work addressing wind-wildlife interactions began in 2000, when he directed the endangered species research and drafted the Habitat Conservation Plan that resulted in the second Incidental Take Permit that the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service issued to a wind energy project.

During most of the 1990s, John was the executive director of Rare, a nonprofit conservation organization. At Rare, he played a key role in developing conservation programs that continue to build local capacity to protect natural resources throughout the world. John also helped to launch Fundación Jocotoco, a community-supported, private-reserve network designed to protect Ecuador’s most critically endangered birds. Fluent in Spanish, he has translated field guides on birds and butterflies. John received his B.S in Environmental Studies from Cornell University in 1978.