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Jesse Hiler


Jesse Hiler received a B.S. in Biology from Missouri Valley College in 2004. Following school he worked for two field seasons as a Herpetology Technician and Crew Leader for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department conducting various surveys for reptiles and amphibians throughout Wyoming. During that time Jesse also worked for the Poudre School District in Ft. Collins as a substitute teacher. Jesse have been with WEST since 2007, working as a Wildlife Technician, and recently started as a Biologist/Field Coordinator. His experience includes avian use surveys, breeding bird surveys, greater sage-grouse, sharp-tailed grouse and prairie chicken lek surveys, greater sage-grouse trapping and collaring, greater sage-grouse brood surveys, mountain plover surveys, burrowing owl surveys, flammulated owl surveys, raptor migration surveys, raptor nest surveys, swift fox surveys, pygmy rabbit surveys, prairie dog surveys, mist netting and acoustic monitoring of bats, habitat mapping and aerial surveys for golden eagles, greater sage-grouse, wild horses and raptor nests.

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