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Photo of Jennifer

Jennifer Stucker

Wildlife Biologist

Prior to joining WEST, Jennifer served as Research Wildlife Biologist with DOI’s US Geological Survey where she managed research on endangered species in the Great Plains (plovers and terns), and Great Lakes (plovers and plants). She received a Bachelor of Art’s degree in Biology from Wittenberg University, in Springfield, OH, and a Master of Science degree in Wildlife Conservation at the U of MN, with research focusing on effects of trout-stream restoration on riparian and non-target sensitive resources. She later completed a PhD in Conservation Biology, focusing on influences of spatial scale on behavior dependent resource assessments for the endangered Interior Least Tern. Jennifer has served as teaching faculty (U of MN and U. of St Thomas), and research coordinator for various fish and wildlife research projects throughout the Great Lakes region. Some of Jennifer’s particular interests include working with species at the aquatic-terrestrial interface, waterbird and shorebird ecology, resource management decision making, and the Endangered Species Act.

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