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Jason Mitchell


Jason Mitchell joined WEST in 2014 as a Research Biometrician. Jason earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematics from Vassar College in 2001, a Masters of Science in Biostatistics from the University of Colorado-Denver in 2010, and a Masters of Science in GIS and Remote Sensing from Boston University in 2013. Since joining WEST, Jason’s work has included statistical analysis, database management, and R-package development and implementation. Statistical projects include capture-recapture work on dolphins, count models on the strandings of marine mammals, and Bayesian analysis of temporal trends in sage-grouse populations. Database management and R-package development include the development of a specialized R package to organize the digitizing of prairie-dog towns via NAIP imagery and routines for spatial sampling via the GRTS sampling methodology. Prior to joining WEST, Jason worked as a public-health biostatistician, investigating patterns related to rates of geriatric hospital readmission over both hospitals and geography, all via SAS.