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Photo of Jamey

Jamey Eddy

Wildlife Biologist

Jamey Eddy has been working for WEST since 1995 as a biologist and since that time has been involved with a variety of natural resource studies. He has performed wildlife studies in conjunction with wind power, pipeline, and cellular tower developments. Primary tasks have included setting up, and indoctrinating technicians on avian use studies, aerial and ground raptor nest surveying and monitoring, sage grouse, lesser and greater prairie chicken surveying and monitoring, lagomorph, ground squirrel, and prairie dog mapping and surveys, along with the surveying of mountain plover and swift fox. He also has experience in bat research in the form of the placement, monitoring and use of anabat detectors. He is a skilled data manager and field coordinator always ensuring accurate data collection and meeting deadlines.

Prior to starting at WEST, he earned a Bachelor of Science degree in animal science from California Polytechnic State University – San Luis Obispo and was then on the staff at the University of California, Santa Cruz Predatory Bird Research Group from 1980-1984 and 1986-1994 where he designed, funded, constructed and operated an efficient food production facility (primarly coturnix quail) for the captive propagation of endangered peregrine falcons and other endangered raptors. He also participated in the high intensity management and husbandry of the captive population of breeding falcons and reintroduction of young , along with being involved with the monitoring of the wild population of peregrine falcons as it continued to grow.

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