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Photo of Emily

Emily Thiemann

Field Coordinator

Emily Thiemann joined WEST as a field coordinator in Texas. Emily received a B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Management from Texas Tech University in August of 2008. While in school she worked as a field technician on several different graduate research projects. Emily collected habitat and nest data for Rio Grande Turkeys, as well as identified contents of turkey crops. She studied the behavioral effects of radio collars on burrowing owls and also observed desert mule deer in Arizona for a dietary analysis study.

Emily has worked for WEST since March of 2009 as a field biologist in Texas, Oklahoma, and Minnesota. She has worked on both pre-construction and post-construction projects and conducted habitat mapping, avian point counts, post-construction monitoring, prairie dog mapping, and raptor and eagle nest surveys. Emily has also worked extensively with bat acoustic monitoring systems (Anabats) and on projects dealing with sensitive/endangered species such as lesser prairie-chicken, American burying beetle, Texas kangaroo rat, and northern long-eared bat. As a field coordinator, she will be overseeing the field work on multiple pre-construction and post-construction projects, mostly located in the Texas Panhandle, eastern New Mexico, and western Oklahoma, as well as assist project managers with report writing.