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Clayton Derby

Chief Services Officer & Board of Directors

Clayton Derby serves as the Chief Services Officer (CSO) for WEST; in this role Clayton is responsible for ensuring the quality of the company’s products and services, customer loyalty, and satisfaction and retention, as well as the development of new business. He is also an active project manager and wildlife biologist with over twenty years of experience. Clayton received a Bachelor of Arts in Biology from Moorhead State University and a Master of Science in Zoology and Physiology from the University of Wyoming. His graduate research focused on determining the impacts of cormorant and pelican predation on trout and other fishes.

Clayton has worked for WEST as a wildlife biologist since 1995. His work has covered numerous subject matters; including raptors, migratory birds, wetlands, fisheries, water quality, big game, and vegetation. Clayton has been the project manager for several large natural gas pipeline development projects in the Midwest and western U.S. and wind energy development projects throughout the country. As a project manager, Clayton has insured that the wildlife, vegetation, and state- and federal-listed species resource surveys and reviews are completed on time, within budget, and to the client’s and resource agencies’ high demands. For eight years he was the assistant executive director for the Platte River Cooperative Agreement. In this position Clayton assisted in conducting meetings and building consensus with both technical- and policy-level individuals from state and federal government, water users, environmental groups, and private individuals in Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska. As CSO at WEST, Clayton works extensively with several of WEST’s branch offices throughout the country, assisting clients and agencies in identifying and implementing strategies to address wildlife issues at all levels.

In 2005 Clayton opened a branch office of WEST in Bismarck, North Dakota.