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Chris Fritchman


Christopher W. Fritchman has worked with WEST since 2008, first as a Field Technician and crew leader, then as a Biologist and now as a Project Manager and Field Supervisor. He received his B.S. in Wildlife Biology in 2007 from Colorado State University.

He has 8 years of consulting experience in the renewable industry across the US. In his role as field technician and crew leader he was been involved in several pre and post construction wind energy projects. Mr. Fritchman has helped to conduct a wide variety of surveys including aerial and ground based raptor nest surveys, raptor migration surveys, golden eagle nest monitoring studies, bald eagle winter roost surveys, burrowing owl surveys, greater sage-grouse lek surveys, sharp-tailed grouse lek surveys, prairie chicken lek surveys, mountain plover surveys, prairie dog surveys, swift fox surveys and acoustic and mist netting surveys for bats.

In his role of Biologist, he and other at WEST help manage several large cumulative databases, which include data from over 200 wind-related reports. These databases enable WEST to utilize data regarding wind-wildlife interactions from over 20 years of research across the U.S. to assess potential risk or impact to wildlife from wind-energy development. Mr. Fritchman also helped manage the day to day logistics on a wide variety of projects as well as managed large groups of field staff to ensure all survey work is completed in a timely and cost effective manner.

In his current role as Project Manager and Field Supervisor, he is responsible for managing wildlife studies throughout the US, including leading and organizing pre-construction surveys and post-construction fatality monitoring for wind energy projects. He has designed and implemented studies for numerous projects to address the needs of both commercial developers and federal, state, and municipal government organizations. He is also primarily responsible for conducting day to day administration of projects, training field technicians, setup of field studies, preparing reports, quality assurance of data, and the conduct of field studies.

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