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Photo of Anna

Anna Ciecka

Research Biologist/Dog Detection Coordinator

Anna Ciecka joined WEST in 2009 as a field technician in the Midwest region and has been involved in numerous pre-and post-construction monitoring projects looking at the impacts of wind power developments on wildlife, with an emphasis on birds. Anna has conducted avian use surveys, raptor nest surveys, sensitive bird surveys, and eagle nest surveys. She has also performed habitat mapping, post-construction fatality monitoring, and acoustic bat surveys. Anna is currently the dog detection program coordinator at WEST. Her primary duty in this role is to develop the use of dogs to assist with a variety of wildlife surveys, including bat and bird carcass searches at wind energy facilities. As a research biologist, she supervises field technicians and assists project managers with report writing and other tasks.

After receiving a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Purdue University with an emphasis in Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior, Anna received a Master of Science in Biology from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee for her work on dimorphism in 16 species of cats. She then worked on field studies of bird communities in Great Smoky Mountains National Park, comparing old-growth and second-growth forests. Anna also studied the population biology of sociality in wrens of the savanna of Venezuela and the landscape diversity of bird communities in Costa Rica from high-elevation cloud forests to lower rainshadow forests. She has also produced digital guides for field identification of birds, including one for educational institutions in Cherokee, North Carolina and an audio guide to the vocalizations of 101 species of Costa Rican cloud forest birds.