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National Environmental Policy Act

WEST has extensive consulting experience in environmental review and regulation compliance, including work under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). We offer steady guidance and capable process management through all phases of NEPA adherence, from project development, alternatives screening, preparation of environmental analysis and documentation, interagency coordination, public outreach, and publication of the findings and decision.

WEST specializes in conflict resolution and negotiation of natural resource issues with public and private sectors. Our staff, which includes facilitators and mediators, brings balanced and viable solutions to NEPA-related issues.

We have experience working together with all federal agencies involved in NEPA projects, and we maintain strong working relationships with agency staff. Our team’s familiarity with the people and processes involved on NEPA projects results in efficient, effective results for our clients.

  • Public scoping and Issues Identification
  • Purpose and Need Development
  • Alternatives Evaluation and Analysis
  • Affected Environment Description
  • Environmental Effects Analysis
  • Mitigation Plans
  • Public Comment Review and Synthesis
  • Final Environmental Documents
  • Preparation and Critical Reviews of NEPA Documents
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