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Bat Research & Monitoring

WEST has been at the forefront of bat research, monitoring and risk assessment for more than 20 years. WEST’s collective knowledge of bat ecology and habitats is unequalled; our highly-qualified bat experts rank as some of the best in their field and have bat research experience spanning North America.

We offer a wide range of expertise on bat issues, from sensitive species surveys to habitat risk assessments. We WEST has planned, coordinated and executed hundreds of acoustic monitoring projects, including developing training materials, survey data sheets, survey protocols and communication protocols for technicians working in remote locations.

Our field staff are permitted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service to capture endangered, threatened, and sensitive species including Indiana bat, northern long-eared bat, gray bat, and big-eared bat, across their ranges.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Analysis and Species Identification
  • Compliance Strategies: Habitat Conservation Plans and Bat Conservation Strategies
  • Presence/Absence Surveys
  • Passive Acoustic Monitoring
  • Mist Netting Surveys
  • USFWS Compliance Support
Bat Research & Monitoring Image