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Aerial Survey & Telemetry

WEST combines statistical and ecological expertise in the design and conduct of aerial survey and telemetry studies for a wide range of species, including bald and golden eagles, prairie grouse species, Dall sheep, mule deer, elk, moose, pronghorn, walrus, bats, polar bear and marine mammals. Our professional biologists and statisticians work together to provide expert consultation and analysis of these studies, which include capture-recapture, distance sampling, and aerial survey methods for all types of biological populations. WEST’s comprehensive approach provides accurate, objective, and scientifically credible results for our clients.

Aerial and Telemetry Expertise:

  • Area Use and Movement Studies
  • Habitat Use Studies
  • Management and Conservation Plans
  • Population Estimation
  • Resource Selection Analyses
  • Spatial and Temporal Correlation Analyses
Aerial Survey & Telemetry Image