RSF Proceedings

Publications (sorted by year and lead author)

Publications (sorted by year and lead author)

I. General Methodology

  • A Bayesian Multinomial Model for Analyzing Categorical Habitat Selection Data

    Dana L. Thomas, Colleen Ianuzzi, and Ron Barry

  • A Preliminary Study of the Bias and Variance When Estimating a Resource Selection Function with Separate Samples of Used and Available Resource Units

    Ryan Nielson, Bryan F.J. Manly, and Lyman L. McDonald

  • A Validation Technique for Assessing Predictive Abilities of Resource Selection Functions

    Shay Howlin, Wallace P. Erickson, and Ryan M. Nielson

  • Applications of Resource Selection Functions in Fisheries Science

    Wayne A. Hubert

  • Autocorrelation in Resource Selection for Chinook-Salmon Spawning Habitat

    Jean-Yves P. Courbois

  • Combining Resource Selection Functions and Distance Sampling: An Example With Willow Ptarmigan

    Leif Kastdalen, Hans Chr. Pedersen, Gunnar Fjone, and Harry P. Andreassen

  • Defining Availability and Selecting Currencies of Use: Key Steps in Modeling Resource Selection Steven W. Buskirk and Joshua J. Millspaugh

  • Environmental-Envelope Based Habitat-Suitability Models

    Alexandre H. Hirzel and Raphael Arlettaz

  • Estimation of Resource Selection Functions When Used and Available Samples Overlap

    Trent L. McDonald

  • Incorporating Resource Utilization Distributions into the Study of Resource Selection: Dealing with Spatial Autocorrelation

    Jeffrey A. Hepinstall, John M. Marzluff, Mark S. Handcock, and Philip Hurvitz

II. Methods & Applications

  • Applications of Resource Selection Modeling Using Unclassified Landsat Thematic Mapper Imagery

    Wallace P. Erickson, Ryan Nielson, Robert Skinner, Beverly Skinner and Jay Johnson

  • Concepts and Methods for Selection Ratios: An Electronic Book and Software

    Ken Gerow and Wallace Erickson

  • Estimating Resource Selection Functions Using Spatially Explicit Data

    Lowell H. Suring, Wallace P. Erickson, Shay Howlin, Karin Preston, and Michael I. Goldstein

  • Logistic Regression Accuracy Across Different Spatial and Temporal Scales for a Wide-Ranging Species, the Marbled Murrelet

    Carolyn B. Meyer, Sherri L. Miller, and C. John Ralph

  • Nielson, Ryan M., Evans, Thomas J., & Stahl, Michelle Bourassa. (2013).

    Resource Selection Functions and the Conservation of Endangered Invertebrates

  • Resource Selection Studies in the Columbia and Snake Rivers: Recent Applications and Future Needs

    James H. Petersen, Kenneth F. Tiffan, and Dennis W. Rondorf

  • Using Discrete Choice Modeling to Generate Resource Selection Functions for Female Polar Bears in the Beaufort Sea

    George M. Durner, Steven C. Amstrup, Ryan Nielson, and Trent McDonald

  • A Resource Selection Probability Function for the Northern Spotted Owl in Plum Creek’s Central Cascade Habitat Conservation Plan, Washington State

    Lorin L. Hicks, Bryan F.J. Manly, Dale R. Herter, Richard J. Early, and Henning C. Stabins