Nicholas Shaw


Nicholas Shaw is a biologist in WEST’s Houston Texas office. Before coming to WEST, Nick was employed as a regulatory analyst specializing in securing local, state, and federal environmental permits prior to the construction of oil and gas facilities. He has extensive experience working with the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) permitting program, including Section 404 Clean Water Act, and Section 10 Rivers and Harbors Act. He has a sound understanding of the Endangered Species Act and NEPA guidelines and has great relationships with United States Fish and Wildlife (USFWS) staff at regional offices across Texas, New Mexico, and Louisiana.

Nick has experience managing numerous oil and gas related due diligence projects throughout Alabama, Alaska, Kansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wyoming. He has assisted in construction of multiple environmental assessments focused on biology, ecology, and habitat impacts associated with oil and gas facility construction and other large infrastructure projects both on a local and international scale. Nick studied at Charles Darwin University in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia and has a background in fisheries management and environmental science. He has performed numerous underwater dive surveys in nearshore marine environments in coastal Australia and has extensive endangered Species Act experience with marine wildlife in the Gulf of Mexico.