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Renewable Energy: Solar Power

WEST’s environmental planning and permitting staff support the entire life cycle of solar projects, from site selection to baseline surveys to permitting, from construction to restoration to post-construction monitoring.   We understand how to evaluate the existing ecological conditions, negotiate appropriate studies and mitigation with agency staff, and oversee construction activities in a manner that is efficient while maximizing value.

Based on over 25 years of experience in renewable energy, we are able to help our clients understand the environmental setting of a solar project and what concerns  regulatory and land management agencies as well as other project stakeholders are likely to raise.  Our experts draw upon unmatched experience with environmental and ecological assessments and know how to utilize existing available data as well as, when necessary, design cost-effective field studies in order to meet regulatory obligations.   Our long-standing relationships with federal and state regulatory staff, combined with our direct work on solar projects and our scientific approach, allow us to effectively collaborate and negotiate from a place of mutual respect and trust.  We know how to adapt the permitting strategy for individual projects so as to maintain schedule and budget while meeting resource agency expectations.

In addition to our standard environmental permitting and planning services, we have been engaged in cutting-edge research to resolve complex natural resource issues facing the solar industry. Our past work has included eagle disturbance permits; the design and analysis of avian use studies to estimate potential impacts at proposed solar photovoltaic facilities; and the development of post-construction monitoring studies, where appropriate and required, to estimate wildlife impacts at solar energy facilities.  Our team also brings extensive experience supporting vegetation management and restoration plans at solar facilities, including establishing sustainability goals, overseeing restoration activities, and verifying ecological targets.

Solar Energy Services:

  • Wetland, Botanical, and Wildlife Field Surveys
  • Protected Species Expertise
  • Environmental and Land Use Permitting
  • Site Restoration and Vegetation Management
  • Environmental Construction Monitoring
  • Post-Construction Natural Resource Studies
  • Habitat Conservation Plans and Natural Resource Strategies
  • Best Management Practice and Adaptive Management Planning
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