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WEST has extensive experience conducting surveys for various types of pipelines and pipeline construction. We have successfully managed the wetland and water body surveys, state/federal species of concern surveys, vegetation mapping, general wildlife surveys, and associated reporting for several large multi-state pipeline projects, as well as for many smaller intrastate pipeline projects, throughout the U.S. Survey results and reports including National Environmental Policy Act documents such as Environmental Assessments and Environmental Impact Statements were used to achieve state and federal permitting. WEST always closely coordinates with the client, primary contractor, and agency personnel while managing these extensive survey efforts.

The WEST staff biologists and botanists who conduct biological surveys or habitat assessments to support agency permitting of pipeline projects are familiar with standardized protocols, but can also develop project-specific methods to obtain precise data on the wildlife use of an area proposed for development. We can identify potential adverse effects that may occur to individuals or populations, and suggest mitigation to minimize these effects.

During maintenance and operation of pipelines, WEST routinely conducts surveys to evaluate wildlife response to development. Survey requirements are typically established by agencies as a permit condition; our team’s knowledge of specific seasonal or timing constraints ensures that data is collected according to established protocols with minimal disturbance to flora and fauna.

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