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More About WEST and Our History

WEST was founded in 1990 by its two principals, Dr. Dale Strickland and Dr. Lyman McDonald. Since then, WEST has grown to be one of the premier environmental and statistical consulting firms in the United States.
Through the use of state-of-the-art statistical principles in the design, conduct and analysis of ecological field studies, WEST specializes in an objective, defensible and professional approach to the solution of natural resource problems facing government and industry. WEST has a permanent core of ecologists and biometricians with broad experience in basic and applied ecological studies and the sophisticated analysis of natural resource data.

WEST’s experience includes ecological, environmental, wildlife, and fisheries studies based on state-of-the-art sampling and census techniques, wetland studies, vegetation and habitat analyses, threatened and endangered species studies, bibliographies and literature reviews, resource inventories, environmental impact analysis, conflict resolution and negotiation of natural resource issues,
and education through workshops designed for field biologists.

This unique blend of disciplines and our years of experience in both areas allow us to provide original solutions to a wide range of natural resource issues. WEST provides consulting services to government, industry and other organizations, and creates interdisciplinary teams from an extensive network of associates, providing expertise tailored for individual client needs.

Our corporate headquarters are located in the historic Dinneen Building in Cheyenne, Wyoming: the heart of the old west. While our roots are in the Rocky Mountains, our company has grown to be a national consulting firm, with offices throughout the United States and internationally. Our geographic diversity allows us to meet the needs of our clients from coast to coast, and with our International services, even beyond the borders of the US.