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  • WEST attending Alberta Society of Professional Biologists

    WEST Wildlife Biologists Nick Bartok, Kirsten Pearson and Kent Russell are in attendance at the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists this week in Lake Louise, Alberta. Kirsten will be presenting “Exploring the use of Drones Pre- and Post-Construction Surveys”.

  • WEST Dog Detection Pupdate

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  • Bat Week Trivia Day 2

    Answer to Day 1:
    B.) gives them shelter

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  • Bat Week Trivia 1

    WEST is celebrating Bat Week, October 24-31st. Bat Week is an annual international celebration that brings awareness to bats and their role in the environment. WEST will be featuring bat trivia to test your bat knowledge. Check back daily for a new fun fact and answers to the previous day’s trivia question.

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  • WEST Publication - Occupancy Modeling of Habitat Use by White Sands Pupfish

    WEST’s Fawn Hornsby and Zoey Gustafson are co-authors on the recent publication “Occupancy Modeling of Habitat Use by White Sands Pupfish at the Malpais Spring Cienega, New Mexico” published in BioOne Complete.

    You can access the publication here:

  • WEST in attendance at CanWEA

    WEST, ULC is in attendance at 35th Annual CanWEA Conference and Exhibition in Calgary, Alberta this week. WEST Senior Ecologist Todd Mattson will be presenting “Wind Energy Effects on Bat Populations and Latest Management Tools”.

  • WEST in attendance at West Virginia Energy Expo

    WEST is in attendance at the West Virginia Energy Expo this week. Stop by our booth to say hello!

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  • WEST Detection Dog Soybean Field Survey Success

    To quantify the impact of existing wind turbines on bats and birds, standard carcass searches rely on humans searching areas beneath turbines which have been cleared of vegetation. This fall, WEST’s detection dog-handler teams have been piloting a new method of searching standing soybean fields under turbines at some projects. With minimal to no damage to the crops, our crews successfully found bat carasses in soybean fields and other areas where human searchers would have little chance of detecting a carcass.

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  • WEST at AFS/TWS Joint Annual Conference

    WEST is in attendance at the American Fisheries Society & The Wildlife Society Joint Annual Conference this week in Reno, Nevada. The team will be participating in several presentation, poster, and workshop sessions throughout the week. Stop by booth #534 to say hello!

  • WEST presenting at North America Smart Energy Week

    WEST Senior Biometrician Wally Erickson will be presenting “Lake Effect: What is the Evidence” at North America Smart Energy Week in Salt Lake City, Utah tomorrow. The joint Solar Energy Industries Association and Smart Electric Power Alliance brings together an extensive alliance of renewable energy leaders for 4 days of networking, education, and innovation.

    More information about this conference can be found here:

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