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Wildlife Research & Management


Wildlife conservation is often a top priority for agencies, industry and the public. WEST uses a combined statistical and ecological approach to provide clients with objective and scientifically credible results to address numerous wildlife concerns.

WEST ecologists are highly experienced in study design, data collection and data analysis for a variety of surveys, species, and geographic areas. Additionally, we employ the very latest capture techniques, field equipment and study methodologies. Our biometricians have extensive experience designing studies and analyzing data for a variety of wildlife issues and utilize the most current statistical methods.

WEST Expertise Includes:

  • Aerial Surveys
  • Big Game, Avian, Bat and Other Wildlife Studies
  • Estimation of Population Characteristics(abundance, density, survival, mortality, and reproduction)
  • GPS and VHF Telemetry Studies
  • Identification of Movement and Migratory Patterns
  • Impact and Risk Assessment
  • Management and Conservation Plans
  • Population and Habitat Modeling
  • Remote Sensing Surveys
  • Resource Selection Analyses

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