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Photo of Wyatt

Wyatt Mack

Biologist/Field Coordinator

Wyatt Mack joined WEST in March of 2017 as a biological field technician working mainly in southwestern Minnesota and eastern South Dakota, and then later transferred to the Bismarck, North Dakota office in December of 2017 as a Field Coordinator/Biologist.

He received his B.Sc. in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from South Dakota State University in 2014, with his undergraduate research evaluating the influence of habitat structure on the movement rates of ring-necked pheasant chicks. He then immediately jumped into a Master of Science program at North Dakota State University where his research was designed to evaluate grassland bird and habitat community associations on a landscape occupied with black-tailed prairie dogs and grazed by domestic livestock; graduating in 2017 with a M.Sc. degree in Natural Resources Management.

Wyatt’s research has mainly focused on community ecology, avian ecology, range science, and population assessment. He has survey experience that includes aerial and ground based upland game surveys, pre- and post- construction monitoring at wind energy sites, extensive species specific vegetation monitoring, arthropod sampling, radio telemetry, grassland songbird surveys and avian point counts, and bat acoustic monitoring.