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Photo of Joel

Joel Thompson

Wildlife Biologist

Joel received his Bachelors and Master’s degrees from Humboldt State University in Northern California, where his M.S. research focused on estimating the density of Pacific fisher in managed forest landscapes in north-coastal California. Prior to joining WEST, Joel spent 15 years working with northern spotted owls and a variety of other sensitive forest species, primarily in northern California, where his work focused primarily on assessing the impacts of forest management on species abundance and distribution.

Joel joined the WEST staff in 2008 as a Field Biologist, and then transitioned into his role as a Research Biologist/Project Manager later that year. Since joining WEST, Joel has primarily managed projects assessing the impacts of wind and solar energy development on wildlife across the western US, with a focus on the Southwest and Pacific Northwest, from New Mexico to Washington. In addition to studies related to renewable energy, Joel has worked on highway development projects, prairie-dog monitoring as it relates to gas and oil development, and assessing the distribution of federally listed Preble’s meadow jumping mouse. In December 2012, Joel relocated from WEST’s corporate office in Cheyenne, WY to take a lead role in WEST’s newly established office in Corvallis, OR.