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Aaron McAlexander

Wildlife Biologist

Aaron McAlexander is a wildlife biologist in the Austin, Texas office. Aaron has a masters degree from Texas Christian University in biology, and he received his bachelors from Purdue University in fisheries and aquatic sciences. Aaron has experience performing and supervising wildlife pre-construction surveys and post-construction avian and bat mortality studies at wind energy facilities in Texas, Oklahoma, and Illinois. Aaron’s academic research investigated an attraction hypothesis regarding bat mortality at a Texas wind facility. As a biological consultant, he has experience coordinating and summarizing data from pipeline projects with regards to Northern long-eared bat surveys in the Midwest. In addition, Aaron has a strong fisheries background, including sport fish management, habitat assessments, ecotoxicology, and water quality analysis throughout the Midwest and Northwest. Aaron is experienced with various survey techniques, including bat mist-netting, radio-telemetry tracking, fatality searches, electrofishing, gill/fyke netting, aquatic invertebrate sampling, and both terrestrial and aquatic habitat assessments.