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Prairie Grouse Research & Management

WEST employees have unmatched experience managing and addressing ecological issues surrounding prairie grouse throughout the US. WEST’s experience with prairie grouse species ranges from performing population assessments, risk analyses, and developing mitigation and habitat conservation plans, to conducting innovative research to help evaluate and minimize impacts to prairie grouse populations from anthropogenic disturbances. WEST has published over 20 peer-reviewed papers on prairie grouse in the scientific literature and has presented at numerous scientific and industry conferences across the US. WEST’s employees are experts on state conservation plans, management plans, and the regulations that exist throughout the prairie grouse range, and are able to help managers navigate efficiently through these processes.

WEST’s current work on prairie grouse species is highlighted by the range-wide population estimate of lesser prairie-chickens, development of the first ever greater sage- grouse habitat conservation bank, and leading research on estimating impacts from wind energy development to greater sage-grouse.

This expertise includes the use of capture-recapture, distance sampling, aerial survey methods, telemetry data collection, resource selection analysis, remote sensing, and field assessments.

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