Steven Courtney

Principal Scientist

Steven Courtney is a Principal Scientist with offices in Washington, DC, and Santa Barbara, California. Steven is familiar with both scientific analysis and with policy issues. His clients include numerous government agencies, and the private sector companies negotiating with those agencies. Steven’s practice is based on independent and transparent science evaluation processes. He has guided several complex negotiations and analyses as an ‘honest broker’ or science advisor. He developed the scientific peer review processes used by US Fish and Wildlife Service, and has an ongoing advisory role for the Service. Steven is a skilled facilitator and guide of negotiations, and of stakeholder engagement.

Steven’s high-profile projects have included land management plans for the mining, forest, energy, and water-use sectors. This includes several large Habitat Conservation Plans, and Conservation Banks, as well as analyses for the Columbia, Missouri, Sacramento, Klamath and Rio Grande Rivers, and the Everglades. Steven has been fortunate to work on many endangered species issues, notably Spotted Owls, Marbled Murrelets, Salmon, Bats, Wolves, Sage Grouse and quite a few others. He has also carried out several independent investigations of alleged scientific malpractice within the federal government. No stranger to controversial projects, Steven also guided an independent analysis of the effects of ‘noodling’ on catfish.

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