Sarah Hamilton

Wildlife Ecologist

Sarah Hamilton is a Wildlife Ecologist in the Bismarck, North Dakota office. She obtained her Master of Science in Renewable Natural Resources from Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, Louisiana) and Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Science from Auburn University (Auburn, Alabama). Her graduate research focused on evaluating the effects of hydrologic, geomorphic, and vegetative conditions on avian communities along the Middle Rio Grande of New Mexico. Sarah’s research also assessed the effects of hydrogeomorphic and vegetative conditions on Western Yellow-billed Cuckoo habitat along the Middle Rio Grande of New Mexico.

Sarah’s education and work experience in wildlife ecology has a strong research and management component. During her employment with WEST, she has used her knowledge of Geographic Information Systems to develop maps, such as Eagle Risk Assessment maps. She has also utilized her bird identification skills to conduct Avian Use Surveys. As Sarah’s role with WEST continues to develop, she will be tasked with data analysis, report writing, wetland delineations, and avian studies. Throughout her Master’s research, she worked closely with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to determine minimum river flows needed to support various avian communities. Additionally, she has worked with the National Park Service conducting sea turtle research on the coast of Georgia and implementing ecological restoration on the Arizona-Mexican Border. As a research assistant at Auburn University, Sarah conducted research on the Deep Horizon Oil Spill and assisted with forested wetland research. She has also gained experience outside of the U.S. studying Tropical Biology in Costa Rica, and participating in restoration of tropical forests in the Amazon Basin of Ecuador.