JR Boehrs

Operations Manager

As Operations Manager for WEST, J.R. assists the Chief Operating Officer (COO) with oversight and management of the company operations centers. Under the direction of the COO, he coordinates, maintains, and improves business operations to increase departmental and organizational productivity, efficiency, and performance. He maintains on-going knowledge, control and inventory of Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Health & Safety, Information Technology (IT), Purchasing & Inventory, administrative support, and company infrastructure. J.R. collaborates with the Executive Team and Board of Directors to deliver on the long term company goals to provide an excellent working environment for its employees as well as maintaining the highest scientific standards when providing exceptional environmental consulting services to clients.

J.R. directly manages the GIS and Purchasing and Inventory departments. He conducts and oversees research, development, implementation, maintenance, and upgrades regarding geospatial and purchasing and inventory technology, processes and standards, and geospatial project and data management. J.R. focuses on both short-term and long-range planning and development to drive continuous improvement and ensure the departmental efficiency and effectiveness of GIS and Purchasing and Inventory and maximize company investment.

Prior to being the Operations Manager at WEST, J.R. functioned as the GIS Manager and Team Leader and a GIS Specialist. In that capacity he managed day-to-day GIS operations, supervising GIS personnel, planning and implementing mid-range and long-range GIS department development, and researching emerging geospatial technology trends. As a GIS Specialist J.R. developed, managed, and maintained project specific and company-wide spatial data. He developed and implemented project and/or analysis specific GIS methods to meet project needs, creating professional cartographic products and conducting large and small scale spatial analysis.

J.R. received a Bachelor of Arts in Geography: Natural Resources Management, from the University of Wyoming in 2007 and is in the process of obtaining a Master’s in Business Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Finance at Colorado State University. Prior to joining WEST J.R. conducted fire fuels monitoring and forest inventory surveys for the Warm Springs Indian Reservation/Bureau of Indian Affairs in central Oregon with the Student Conservation Association.