Jerry Baker

Wildlife Biologist

Jerry Baker has been primarily involved with studies of potential impacts of wind power developments on wildlife. He joined WEST in 2006 and works on projects throughout the western U.S. These tasks have included ground raptor nest surveys and monitoring, avian and raptor point counts, breeding bird surveys, Washington ground squirrel surveys and monitoring, rare plant surveys, habitat mapping, big game ground surveys, sage grouse lek searches, and sensitive wildlife species surveys in native habitats. Additionally, he has performed carcass searching, carcass removal and searcher efficiency trials in support of actual turbine mortality studies. He has supervised field crews as part of both pre- and post construction environmental surveys for large wind facilities in the Pacific Northwest. In the past several years Jerry has been involved with pipeline work in Minnesota, Wyoming and North Dakota doing Long-eared bat work, grassland habitat surveys, and wetland delineation. He has assisted with eagle trapping and monitoring at numerous projects in the Northwest.