Donald Solick

Bat Biologist

Donald Solick is a wildlife biologist with 18 years’ experience conducting research on bats and other wildlife throughout North America and Canada. He received his M.S. in Ecology from the University of Calgary, Alberta, and his B.S. in Wildlife Biology and B.A. in Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College, Washington. Donald serves as Assistant Coordinator for our Bat Research program and Coordinator for Radar Studies. He is responsible for acoustic monitoring surveys (using Anabat and full-spectrum detectors) to determine bat activity, radar surveys to monitor bat (and bird) migration, mist net surveys to determine presence/probable absence of bat species (including threatened and endangered species), radio-telemetry studies to determine roosting, foraging, and thermoregulatory behavior of bats, and nightly emergence counts of bats at building, mine, and tree roosts. He also has experience using thermal imaging cameras and night-vision to observe bat behavior at wind turbines.

Donald also has a broad background surveying other wildlife, including experience conducting point counts and nest-searching for birds, live-trapping small mammals, collecting and identifying insects and aquatic macroinvertebrates, call surveys for frogs and toads, monitoring for sea turtles, tree-climbing to assess canopy moss communities, electroshocking for fish, and assessing the health of streams.