Chad LeBeau

Research Biologist

Chad LeBeau has been conducting wildlife monitoring studies across the western U.S. since 2006. Chad is a graduate of the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology Management and Environment and Natural Resources and a MS Degree in Ecosystem Science and Management. His work primarily focuses on sagebrush ecosystems where he has studied numerous species.

His current research involves sage-grouse habitat selection and demographic responses to wind energy development and identifying golden eagle priority habitats prior to resource development. He coordinated the first study investigating the impacts from wind energy development to greater sage-grouse populations. While at WEST, Chad has conducted multiple greater sage-grouse monitoring studies in Wyoming and one in southern Idaho and northern Nevada. During these studies Chad has investigated the response of anthropogenic influences to sage-grouse lekking behavior, female habitat selection, and female demographic rates. In addition to greater sage-grouse research in Wyoming, Chad has developed extensive experience working in the Pinedale region, especially the Pinedale Anticline Project Area (PAPA) investigating potential impacts of gas development on pronghorn, mule deer, white-tailed prairie dog. Chad has extensive experience studying wildlife and road interactions throughout Wyoming including monitoring of multiple under and overpasses established for safe wildlife passages.