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Natural Resource Monitoring & Research


WEST personnel have a broad range of expertise and experience that allows WEST, provide companies and federal agencies quality biological services as they relate to Natural Resource Development (NRD).

WEST has experience conducting surveys for a variety of species protected under the Endangered Species Act and those considered sensitive by the Bureau of Land Management and the U.S. Forest Service; to include the greater sage-grouse, mountain plover, raptors, black-footed ferrets, Ute-ladies’ tresses, and a host of other species.

WEST personnel have the knowledge and experience to conduct surveys according to guidelines set forth by federal and state agencies, and prepare biological reports that will satisfy federal laws, regulations and requirements for Plans of Development.

WEST has extensive experience conducting applied research to determine the potential impacts of natural resource development on wildlife.

Natural Resource Monitoring & Research Expertise:

  • National Environmental Policy Act Analysis
  • Biological Surveys
  • Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys
  • Wetland Delineations
  • Habitat Suitability Surveys
  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Mapping
  • Statistical Design and Analysis

Representative NRD Projects:

  • Conducting surveys for mountain plovers, greater sage-grouse, sharp-tailed grouse, Ute-ladies’ tresses,nesting raptors, prairie dogs and bald eagles on over 30,000 acres of federal land targeted for development by private gas companies in the Powder River Basin; XTO Energy, CH4 Energy, Bill Barret Corporation, Reliance Energy, Pearl Development Company.
    – Conducting biological surveys on over 330 miles of pipeline running from northern Colorado and across most of southern Wyoming; Natural Resource Group/Entegra Gas Pipeline Project.
  • Platte River Programmatic EIS, Executive Director of effort to develop proposed action; in cooperation with states of Colorado, Nebraska, Wyoming and the U.S. Department of the Interior.
  • Conducting two-phase study, which includes long-term monitoring plan to assess potential impacts of energy development on mule deer in the Pinedale Anticline Project Area; Questar Exploration and Production Company, TRC Maria Associates, Inc., Bureau of Land Management and Wyoming Game and Fish Department.
  • Conducted surveys for mountain plover (threatened and endangered) across Powder River Basin, Wyoming, in response to potential extensive coal bed methane production as part of EIS; Bureau of Land Management.
  • Conducted study which provided information necessary in development of conservation strategy for pronghorn in Grand Teton National Park and Gros Ventre River Drainage in response to extensive natural gas development, proposed gas exploration in Bridger Teton National Forest and subdivision development in southwestern Wyoming; Ultra Petroleum, WGFD, USFWS, BOR, and Teton Science School.
  • Use attainability project at Cottonwood Creek downstream of Hamilton Dome oil field; Merit Energy Company
  • Provided natural resource information for update of BLM’s NEPA document for Wahsatch Gathering System pipeline proposed by Union Pacific Resources. Conducted environmental inspections, which included surveys for T and E, identification of sensitive areas and species for use in construction planning, and wetland delineations. Developed reclamation plan and NPDS plan for pipeline. Monitored reclamation success using quantitative transect and quadrat techniques; Union Pacific Resources.
  • Environmental Impact Statement review of Mulligan Draw Gas Field; Union Pacific Resources. Environmental assessment third party review and mitigation plan of Greater Wamsutter Oil and Gas; Union Pacific Resources.
  • Conducted aquatic bioassessments using EPA rapid bioassessment method on Little Goose Creek in Sheridan, Wyoming, to assess effects of an oil spill on the stream; Wyoming Department of Transportation.
  • Black-footed ferret searches for numerous projects for Wyoming Department of Transportation, Farmer’s Home Administration, U.S. Department of Energy, Union Pacific Resources, and private oil development interests.
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  • Environmental assessment for Uinta Basin Natural Gas Project, Uinta County, Utah. Consulted with BLM on impact of natural gas development project on mule deer. Assisted BLM in response to opponents of project based on perceived impacts to mule deer; ENSR Consulting and Engineering.
  • Evaluation of wildlife data collected by five coal mines in the Southern Powder River Basin, Wyoming; Phase 1 Final Report; Abandoned Coal Mine Research Program.
  • Evaluated 28 ponds on abandoned bentonite mines in Wyoming using waterfowl habitat suitability model BOG II developed by Wyoming Game and Fish Department; Wyoming Department of Environmental Quality.
  • Wildlife and plant threatened endangered species surveys and report for Gas Hills, Abandoned Mine Land Project.
  • Threatened and endangered species survey of two AML sites and Ferruginous Hawk Nest Mitigation in Gas Hills, Abandoned Mine Lands Project.
  • Evaluation and statistical analysis of mining impacts on raptors, Kiewitt Mining Company, Sheridan, Wyoming.
  • Biological assessment of hydropower plant site for City of Buffalo, Wyoming; Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and States West Water Resources Corporation.
  • Delineated wetlands along North Platte River, selected wetland mitigation sites and prepared conceptual wetland mitigation designs for two closed refinery remediation projects in Casper, Wyoming; BP Amoco and Texaco.
  • Prepared biological assessment for the proposed Two-Elk coal-fired power plant and transmission line located in the Thunder Basin National Grassland, Wyoming. Conducted surveys for T and E and Forest Service Sensitive species; U.S. Forest Service.
  • Statistical design and analysis for the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee’s “Alaska Predator Ecosystem Experiment” for Forage Fish/Seabird Interactions and “Nearshore Vertebrate Predator Study,” Prince William Sound, Alaska; U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, U.S. National Biological Service, University of Alaska, University of Washington and Oregon State University.
  • Statistical design and analysis for the “Coastal Habitat Injury Assessment” following the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Prince William Sound, Alaska, State of Alaska and U.S. Forest Service Trustees of Natural Resources.
  • Development of methods for differentiating between sources of hydrologic impacts in the Powder River Basin, Wyoming using stochastic groundwater flow modeling; Abandoned Coal Mind Land Research Program.
  • Design of a cost effective two-phase sampling plans for identification of areas of concern for an environmental receptors assessment plan on the grounds of a synthetic rubber plant in Texas; ENSR Consulting and Engineering.
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  • Analyze data of effects of oil operations on whales, Phase 1. LGL Alaska Research Associates, Inc.
  • Assist in preparation of NEPA documents for the Marathon Wolf Lake Gas Pipeline Project, Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, Kenai, Alaska; Harding Lawson Associates.
  • Analysis consultation regarding avian mortality estimates associated with a potential oil spill at the proposed BPXA Liberty Development. (Required for the Environmental Impact Statement being written for proposed development). U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.
  • Collaborate on experiment to evaluate caged bivalves in oil spills; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).
  • Terrestrial guidance document of damage assessment oil spills; National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).